WOD 11 July 400m Snatch!

12 Jul

That could be read as 400m’s of Snatches but in reality it was far less exciting.

Before hitting the WOD we had to make a mark on the strength portion of the day which was to Ruairi’s delight Push Jerks.

I drill you lot in the Press and push press, using the finger of magic to demonstrate the hip drive. Which seems to work every time….. simple things for simple minds as they say.

Any ways having got that we then drilled the push jerk adding a landing to the dip drive.

We then got out a few bars to see if it worked with a bit of weight behind the move, before breaking out into pairs and working on either for beginners -technique technique technique or for the more advanced who knew there numbers to work on not only technique but weight.

You had to complete 3 working sets of 5,5,5+

In pairs I encourage you to be critical of your team mate and reinforce points that we have practised.

Well Done to Sal. You are coming along.

Ruairi – Why the lazy hips today?

And Welcome to Derry from Texas.

When all this was done and the dusk had settled racks were put away and bars were now needed for each person.

It was just left to practise a few snatch drills and set the weight for the WOD.

I set the weight out for each person as an individual and based on the class ability.
It varied from 25Kg to 40Kg depending on skill.

So what’s the WOD I hear you ask?

400m Run
10 Snatches
400m Run
10 Snatches
400m Run
10 Snatches
400m Run

For a warm evening everyone did a sterling job.

Tee-shirts were sweaty and water was washed down.

All in all a good show from everyone.

Whoop Whoop.

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