WOD 12 July: Deadlift Breathing and Grip

12 Jul

Tuesday morning session looked like this:

Mobility/Warm Up: scapular push ups, deep box lunges

Form/Skill: box jump technique, push press technique

Strength: deadlifts 1×5, weighted/assisted chins: 2×6-8

Metcon: 3 rounds of 12 push press and 21 box jumps

Today’s deadlift component was used to work on some form. For those who were not already aware of the hook grip we went over how and why it’s used. Whilst the alternate grip is the sturdiest, it is not symmetrical and loads the shoulders and elbows differently sometimes leading to problems so should be reserved for only your heaviest sets with the hook grip being utilised the rest of the time. Yes those thumbs feel like they’re going to explode but you do get used to it. In addition we spoke about breathing during the lift and how to brace the abdomen ready for take-off.

I encouraged all to go heavy for the push presses on the metcon. It was only three rounds after all. Go TEAM!

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