WOD 14 July: Holy Cramp!

14 Jul

Thursday morning:

Mobility: dislocations, pec mobilisation drill, overhead squats

Strength: overhead squat 5-5-5+

Skill: unilateral strength work – lunge variations

Finisher: hamstring strength test

I wanted to spend some time working on the unilateral strength of the athletes today.

The lunge allows us to address bilateral strength issues – it is often the case that we see people with one side stronger than the other. In addition it is also a great way to train balance and by throwing in different variations of the lunge we can alter the loading on the midline and other stabilisers to offer up some nice little challenges.

Finally, a finisher to test hamstring strength – some glute ham raises. Why?

Well certainly not for some isolation work but this movement is a great indicator of how weak you are back there (i.e. posterior) and whether this is an area that needs some work, especially if you have problems driving the hip back during the squat.

Our safe word: CRAMP! When they’re weak and tight they can cramp up during this one. All were warned in advance. Go TEAM!


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