WOD 14th July Glad it wasn’t 10 Rounds

15 Jul

As I explained to everyone last night I had originally programmed a 10 rounder.
At the last minute I changed my mind but forgot to adjust the rounds. I put that down to baby brain.

It was a good job I tried it out and realised my mistake because 10 rounds of this bad boy would have been a killer!

Before getting to the WOD we had a bit of preparation to do.

To get started a few drills few needed. A refresher.
Today’s session required squat cleans. Something which if not done right can look like you are power cleaning and then adding a front squat.
I wanted Squat Cleans.
So to get you all in the mood we worked on hip extension and direction change, landing in a squat. Sorted.

Next up Front Squats. All of you striving to keep your elbows high kept me happy.
Now to show off your thrusters, making sure that the move was seamless, working the hips and bouncing off the shoulders.
Finally the bit I know you all love to hate. Overhead squats!
I didn’t want to see anyone rushing to get through the reps. I wanted you to make like you were enjoying it!

This had you all preped for the warm up. 10 reps of each of the above x2.

Strength was Overhead Squats, watching you in the warm up allowed me to put you into pairs.
Already warm from the warm up sets in your pairs you could get right into the working sets of 5,5,5+.

My tips were to brace and tighten like your life depended on it.
Focus your squat technique by moving in a controlled way keeping the bar over your heels.
If in doubt dump the bar!

I have to mention Mark. I remember his Overhead squats from his early days and wow have they improved. You actually look like your enjoying them! Well Done.

Wrists were a little sore but there was a WOD to get through next.

The weight for men was 45Kg prescribed and for girls 35Kg.

It went like this….
5 Rounds of

3 Front squats
5 Strict Pull ups
9 Hang squat Cleans

The quickest time has to go to Ben at just over 10 minutes.

Well done crew. Glad it was only 5 rounds though!

To see how I got on check out

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