WOD 2 July: Push Jerks

02 Jul

Coaching-in-training, Kat took the reins of the Saturday morning sessions today.

Push Jerks were on the menu today; 70 of them. So the priority was warming up the shoulders and dialing in the technique.

We started off with a series of presses, push presses and push jerks with both the PVC pipes and bars, before moving on to a little warm-up of:

5 mins – every minute, on the minute:

  • 5 Hang power cleans
  • 7 Push-ups
  • 9 Squats

And so on to the WOD:

  • 70 push jerks for time (60kg/40kg)
  • 1x squat clean and 1x front squat each time the bar is dropped

There is a fair element of strategy to this WOD, as you balance saving your shoulders for the later rounds against the additional stress of cumulative squat cleans and front squats.

There is also nothing quite like a high volume, heavy singlet WOD to teach you about a movement. The push jerk is all about efficiency – using the big muscles of the hips and glutes to compensate for the relatively weaker muscles of the shoulders. Pressing and push pressing their weight will quickly tire out the shoulders, so you need to drop quickly under the bar.

Some terrific efforts all round as people shifted some heavy weight above their heads.


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