WOD 21st July Snatch Balance Skill Day

23 Jul

I had a long old day today covering for Chris.

My warm up was basic and after a few good demos from Ruairi we were off with a good start.

Backward jogging, High Knees, Side Squats and Inch Worms.

Bear Crawls didn’t seem to work early in the morning so we kind of gave up on that one.

This was followed by some Snatching drills.

Pressing and Heaving Snatch with a PVC.

A quick practise of Snatch balance led us into picking up some bars and running through a few warm up sets.


Each time the weight increased. Key was that this was a skill and not strength.

There was no point doing the move half heartedly!

After mastering the technique 2 or 3 working sets of 1 were completed at a challenging weight.

This proved a harder challenge for quite a lot of the athletes both this morning and in the evening.

The benefit of this move is the speed and change in direction which is practised. Using varying weights gets you more confidence to ‘get under the bar’

Moving on to the met con for today. A little transition practise was needed…

Bars needed to be moved from an overhead position to a back squat position. Knowing before the clock was started how this would feel and the safest way to perform the transition was vital.

The met con went like this….

4 Back Squats

4 Pull ups

4 Ring dips

4 Overhead Squats

You were looking at 15 minutes of hard work (amrap)

Depending on your crossfit experince weight varied from20Kg -30Kg for girls and between 35Kg – 50Kg for guys.

You all know I love my barbell complexes……I feel the Bear coming on!!!!!

Well Done guys and girls. Good Job.

To see how I got on with this check out http://sallydixey.com/2011/07/wod-21st-july-just-a-quick-one/


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