WOD 25th July They thought this would be easy!

27 Jul

No WOD should be easy they all have something that they bring to the table so when I heard Phil saying how easy this WOD would be I had a little chuckle inside as I knew he was in for a shock!!!

Having already put myself through this workout I knew that it may look unsuspecting but deep down it was a monster!!!

The workout included a run so my initial warm up was a 400m jog to familiarize everyone with the route.

That out of the way a bit of skill was on the cards.

Hip extension and Squat cleans.

The emphasis was on landing low and getting full hip action.

The problem with this is that often the athlete moves too slowly or without commitment resulting in a high finish that looks more like a power clean then a squat clean.

To practise speed and direction change we drilled the squat clean without a bar and simply went through the motions of the move, hip extension, shrug, high elbows and then the drop.

Without the bar for some beginners it can be the first time they are getting a real sense for the move and what it entails to change direction quickly and commit to a low stable landing.

After working these drills bars were set up and a few sets of increasing weight were performed, trying to keep technique at the fore-front.

Having done this workout myself I knew 30 minutes would be needed.

We didn’t waste too much time in setting up bars to deadlift.

55-65Kg for men 35-45Kg for girls.

The wod went like this….

5 Rounds of

400m run/row

20 Deadlifts

20 Push ups

10 Deadlifts

10 Push ups

Kat is hardcore!
Kat is hardcore!

In total this is 150 Deadlifts. The idea is not to ruin your back with heavy weight and poor technique but to use a weight that would challenge but still be possible to maintain the back.

For some I gave scales of rowing, box jumps, swings instead of running. This depended on the injury the athlete might have and equipment availability.

For beginners or athlete returning from a break the round were knocked down to 3.

The standard for the push ups was as follows…..

Chest to floor, hand release.

If full push ups were limited i.e girls then the only subs would be dropping the number and pushing through with full push ups or off a box.

Funnily enough I was right and Phil was eating his words at the end of the WOD.

Well Done Crew

To see how I got on with this WOD check out  http://sallydixey.com/2011/07/wod-25th-july-a-long-one/

One thought on “WOD 25th July They thought this would be easy!

  1. one of the toughest WODs I’ve done. Got on top of my mentally almost immediately and didn’t let up. Also proves that my deadlift form isn’t all that great, put a great deal of strain onto one side of my neck. Something to work on. Fair play hardcore Sal!

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