WOD 28th July Welcome the Beast

29 Jul

After so many days of rain the warmth of Thursday was welcomed. The summer has been a long time coming!

Let’s hope it lasts a bit!

Weather aside it was time to work hard and I didn’t want to disappoint after the fun of Monday’s class.

Work started with stretching out tight hamstrings. This also gave opportunity to practise the swing technique as I had you stretching against the toilet blocks, hinging from the hips.

3 lots of hamstring stretch 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds.

Stretching over and technique sorted I explained the warm up.

Swings and push ups.

The swings were to be completed at one end of the gym and then push ups were at the other end of the gym.

Reps went as follows.

Swings 15-12-9

Push ups 9-12-15

When the last push ups was squished out, equipment away, it was time to lift heavy.

Strength today was Deadlifts. 4 warm up sets of 5 and one HEAVY working set of 5.

Before starting the sets I wanted everyone to practise a move that Andrew showed me called the camel.

Basically it where you are on all 4’s and practise humping the back like a camel and then pulling the shoulders back and bracing the lumbar spine lifting the head.

What this does is give some perception as to where the body is in the deadlift. I have found this has worked well with memebrs who have struggled with their back in a deadlift.

Within the breaks in the last sets I got you to fit some weighted chins while I struggled to get a decent photo!

Nice one Ben
Nice one Ben

The icing on the cake for tonight’s session was a variation of one of my favorite WOD’s The Bear.

Look up You tube for videos of the Bear. It’s awesome!

Anyways my variation was going to be just as fun!

It went like this….

AMRAP 10 Minutes

First round…

1 Squat Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Thruster

1 Push Press

1 Back Squat

(Bar to floor)

A blurry Jeana prepares to clean
A blurry Jeana prepares to clean

With each round to follow add 1 rep to each move.

The Rules are that the Squat Clean can not count as a Front Squat but that the thruster can drive out of the last front squat.

For a 10 minute workout this certainly lived up to it’s name the Beast!!!

Well Done Crew Nicely done all round.

After a little stretch I sent you home tired but happy!



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