WOD 30 June: With the Front Squat in Mind

01 Jul

After heading back from a wunderbar weekend in Berlin it has been a busy ol’ week so finally made it back to the blog.

Rather than recap Tuesday, I’ll send you to Sally’s blog to read about the team workout, which I also joined in on. Well done Eric… we rocked!

The Thursday session went like this…

Mobility: toe touches – side to side, deep lunges to elbows low, squat to stands, leg swings, prone scorpians

Strength: deadlift 1×5, weighted or assisted chins 2×6-8

Skill/Assistance: barbell roll-outs, ring roll-outs, weighted planks

With focus on the front squats at the moment I’ve been reading around ways to help improve this movement for our athletes since most of the fails seem to be less about strength and more about other limiting factors such as wrists or perhaps core strength.

So the Thursday focus was on the later – the core, or if you like, our mid-line stabilisation. The idea being that weak core (including abs, obliques and erector spinae group amongst others) will contribute to a lack of stabilisation or too much over-arch in the back during the front squat as we fight to keep ourselves upright.

Commence a trio of movements that look much easier than they are. Isn’t it usually the case? Hopefully as we continue to look for ways improve on our front squat we’ll start to see some improvements as we keep pushing the numbers up. AND maybe soon Ruairi and I will learn to love the front squat as much as we do the back! Go TEAM!

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