WOD 4th July Independence & Swings

06 Jul

Today it’s American Independence Day and as we are British we don’t celebrate the day but it doesn’t stop it being a topic of conversation as a lot of our members are from state side.

I am sure that the the first settlers of American would approve of some hard work so armed with a tough wod I started warming the crew with some swings.
The aim was to fit a set amount of swings into a minute. 15 for girls and 20 for guys.
With the time left after completing the set amount of swings it left enough time to fit in 1 strict pull up.
We did this for 5 minutes, just enough time to warm us up.

Having warmed we grabbed some bars and drilled your hang power clean.
Looking for a neat catch at the top and full extension at the hips.
Happy with the drills it was time to add some weight, looking to find a weight you could clean about 8 times.

Leaving this weight to the back of the mind we then wanted to work through a spot of strength.

Deadlifts was the game.

4 warm up sets progressing the weight to a 5 rep weight.

More warm up sets and less working sets means less chance of injury. -I like this way of deadlifting.

Back to the cleans……

We needed them for the met con so we set the bars back up with the weights we had practised.
We had to grab a kettlebell -32Kg for guys and 24Kg for girls.
Finally we needed a ring dip station where you could use a band but not abusing the support!

This is how the met con went……

5 rounds of
15 Swings 10 Ring Dips 5 Hang Power Cleans

It took most around 10-12 minutes.
the heavy kettlebells were defiantly a challenge with lots of grunts and groans!

Felt like I was at the Tennis!

Well Done Crew good work.

To see how I got on with this WOD check out


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