WOD July 10: “Morrison Lite”

10 Jul

WOD July 10th: “Morrison Lite”

Today was a fun day, starting off with the trains not working properly, biking accidents, and general discontent.

But I digress.

As our skill was the push jerk, everyone went through a repeat of last week, doing every single progression up to the full push jerk. Perfect practice makes perfect, and the goal is to practice the push jerk so much that the timing becomes second nature and looks the same whether it’s done with PVC or a loaded bar.

Relax, you’ll get better whether you want to or not. I promise.

The WOD was a slight variation on the hero workout Morrison.
Original WOD:
Wall balls
Box jumps
Kettlebell swings

I thought it looked like fun (HA!) so I tried it and stopped after 20 minutes to avoid killing myself. (Not for lack of trying)

So “Morrison” became “Morrison lite”
Box Jumps
KB Swings

Key point: “Scaled” does not mean “Easier”. Taking out the wall balls meant that it was easier to cycle between box jumps and kettle bell swings, except that not only do both fry your legs, they also make you feel like you’re trying to breathe at high altitude. No matter what you do, you’re winded and can’t quite seem to catch your breath.

Hilarious, I assure you.

Well done to everyone who made it out and I’ll see you Tuesday.

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