WOD July 12: The Retest

13 Jul

Today was deadlifts and weighted pull ups. We went through our basic deadlift drills in my very obsessive compulsive way, working through how to build up tension, a good set up position and bar path.

A few warm up sets later and we tested a new 5RM deadlift, very much fun.

Next up was strict weighted pull ups. By now, everyone has had to do so many strict pull ups that we all know the standard, so we had fun watching everyone try to grind out every inch past the bar.

Then finally, enter the WOD.

Dum Dum DUH!

5 minutes of sit ups
4 minutes of 60 KG front squats
3 minutes of push ups
2 minutes double unders
1 minute of pull ups

How do you know whether or not you’ve made progress in Crossfit? Try repeating a workout you haven’t done in a while.

This WOD popped up in February and I loved it. I figured 5 months was a good time to retest it. Last time the Front squats had needed quite a bit of scaling and everyone suffered through the double unders. This time, there were a few who squatted Rx’d and more double unders then not.

Sniff, they grow up so quick..

This was also Stephanie’s last workout with us and she totally owned tonight, so big props for the performance.

I’ll see everyone on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “WOD July 12: The Retest

  1. thanks Phil for a brilliant last WOD, shades of Fight Gone Bad! Will miss training with all of you guys – expect to see PBs smashed and records broken when I come back to visit. It’s been ace! 🙂

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