WOD July 17th: Steady now..

17 Jul

Little bit of an early arbitrary award:

“Bitter Farewell” To April. Today was April’s last workout with Crossfit London before she flew home Monday evening. April, It’s been a pleasure training with you, answering all your questions and watching you start racking up some serious numbers. You did us all proud in today’s WOD. Training you has been a pleasure and a privilege for all of us. As colorfully emphasis by Andrew, you will be missed. 

Sunday. Usually my lighter day. Except for today, where bright and early (read: 10:30 class) I had not one, not two but FOUR visiting crossfitters.


In one class.

Not to mention all the familiar faces that usually come in.

That many people that early on a Sunday? I barely knew what to do with myself. Thank god I had had my coffee.

Actually, that’s a lie. New people? How I relish thee.

First up: Make everyone practice overhead squats. And not the fun, “Do it quickly and call it a day” kind. The “Hold the weight for agonizingly long periods of time.” kind.

My favorite way to work up to a good overhead squat is to take the time to do it correctly.

Holding the weight in a powerful overhead position, then testing a few squats, then increasing the weight by a small amount, and repeating it. And repeating it again. And again..

You stop when people start to buckle just holding the weight. No control = no overhead squat.

Key word? Steady… Steady… Hold… HOLD!

Good times.

Next: Throw in a fun WOD.

AMRAP 15 mins.
12 Front Squats
12 Burpees
Max Strict Pull ups

What’s this? MAX strict pull ups? In an AMRAP?

Yeah, it’s about as fun as it sounds.

No matter how big and strong you are, no matter if your strict max rep is 1 or 30, you’ll get hammered. It’s a wonderful feeling.

To our visiting crossfitters:
First day in. Jetlagged. Rough from the day before. First time at a another crossfit. And you left with the same amount of people as you came in with.

Well done. 😛

Arbitrary Awards:
“Needs more Cowbell” To Brie. Now replace “cowbell” with “Burpee”. That was Brie’s comment to me at the end of the WOD. “We should practice burpees more.” I am happy to provide.

“Oh the agony” To Donald. Poor Donald had trained with Sally the night before and could still “feel it a bit”. He still made it to my class and he still owned. Excellent job.

“Most excellent Burpee set up” To Colter. (Visiting Crossfitter.) While most people drop to the floor for a burpee, Colter actually DIVES down with reckless abandon. It looks like a Phelps impersonation. It’s awesome. 

The power!
The power!

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