WOD July 19th: Like breathing in high altitude

19 Jul

Today’s fun filled day started off with our very favourite skill: Push Jerks.

The push jerk is that move that no one gets right. No one. Even people who get it right, don’t get it right. Hence, we drill each and every progression every single time we work do it during a class.

Each. Individual. Drill. Every. Single. Time.

It’s a ton of fun. 🙂

(I bet at least one person out there dreamt of push jerks last night, beautiful isn’t it?)

After push jerking our way through the strength portion, we moved on to some double under practice in preparation for the WOD.


AMRAP 15 mins

5 Pull ups

5 Thrusters (45KG/25KG)

20 Double Unders

I had a Dirty Harry moment when I did this workout. In all the excitement, I lost count and couldn’t remember if I’d done 6 or 7 rounds. I wasn’t feeling particularly lucky either so I opted to count it as 6 to be on the safe side.

The first round took no time at all, but the transition from double unders to pull ups, and then from thrusters to double unders is brutal. Breathing suddenly becomes a workout in and of itself. It’s like trying to breath while being at high altitude. There’s air, you know there’s air, you just can’t seem to get the air from the surrounding atmosphere into your lung. It’s an interesting sensation.

To follow along with our new strict pull up rule, the reps on pull ups were pretty low, as were the thrusters. I was asked why racks weren’t allowed for the thrusters.


Because cleaning the weight is half the fun of dropping it.:D

Very nice job to everyone who made it out last night.



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  1. If kipping were still allowed…I would have said I smell a Fran being planned…but knowing you…you’d still make us do a strict Fran! 🙂

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