WOD July 26: Fun with numbers.

26 Jul

It’s Tuesday, so it must be time for my particular brand of humour again.

As today’s strength portion was the Overhead squat, each and every class had the (quite dubious) pleasure of running through each warm up drills:

Overhead hold to very controlled squatting.

Increase the weight marginally.


In addition, each class was subject to my rant about not widening their hands once the weight is overhead. Everyone always scoffs when I repeat it but I’ve seen it done too often. To their credit, not a single person in any class did it yesterday. As impressed as I may be, rest assured:

I will still repeat my rant at the beginning of every overhead squat practice session.

After the squats, it was off to the WOD.


21 pull up buy in



Ring Dips

Box Jumps

KB Swings

This was a fun workout. Who doesn’t like number oddities? That’s why sesame street was invented! This was such a fun workout, that the athletes who helped me test it on Sunday were here again for another crack at it. Depending on where one’s weaknesses were, this workout was either going to crush arms or legs. If you were decent at both ring dips and the KB Swing, box jump combo, switching between both meant that you had some rest in specific area’s

Arbitrary Awards:

“Gold Star”: To Kat. For giving out more stickers post WOD then a school teacher on a field trip. She also gets issued a gold star for doing the whole WOD with a 24 KG kettlebell. Impressive performance.

“Moving on up” To Natasha. Natasha wins a huge arbitrary award for her performance yesterday. Over the past few months she’s worked hard and made huge gains in all her lifts and movements. Keep up the good work.

“Why do less?” To Asif. I’m not sure if there was a communication break down, or if Asif really loves his pull ups. After working his way through the buy in, he went back to the pull up bar and racked up a few more reps. Impressive dedication. 😛

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