WOD July 3: That’s heavy..

03 Jul

WOD: July 3rd.

The title of today’s workout is the Arbitrary Award that goes to Debbie, but we’ll get to that later.

Today’s strength portion Front Squats, two sets of 5 reps, and one set of 5+. Debbie and Craig (Visiting from Crossfit York)

Twice my age and twice as Badass.
Twice my age and twice as Badass.

Had a very nice looking front squat, but weren’t used to working in KG’s so they just kept adding weight until it felt “about right”.

Debbie finished her 5’s and nonchalantly commented, “That’s heavy.”

Wasn’t particularly fussed about the weight. Just making an observation.

Turns out she had PR’d her front squat from 75lbs (35kg) to 121 (55kgs)

Not a bad way to start off the session. đŸ˜€

The WOD for the day,

Quick box jump/push up combo to warm up.


WOD: 20 min cap.


Box Jumps

Push Ups

Deadlifts @ Bodyweight

It took me about 22 minutes to finish slightly over body weight. I capped it at 20 minutes to save people from themselves. I was pleasantly surprised when multiple people crushed it and finished well before the time limit, Rx’d or heavier. Consider my impressed.

See everyone Tuesday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“That’s heavy..” To Debbie and Craig. For the awesome PR’s on their Front Squats.

“Mechanically Gifted” To Naim. Again. For having levers that make people envious. As he puts it: “I have less far to travel then you.” Grumble Grumble.

“Honorary DJ” To April. For helping out with tunes while my iPod was suffering a mechanical malfunction.

“Best Shirt” To Colm. Obviously, my new Crossfit York shirt is the best, BUT of the athletes present, Colm had the best shirt. (How to deal with Zombies.)

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