WOD: July 31 On Burpees and gas masks.

31 Jul


Fun filled and early. The skill/strength portion of the day was the push jerk and the split jerk. Like all other skills I get to inflict on my classes, we started at the simplest step. I admit, there’s something satisfying about watching a whole class perform a technical move in unison. It’s hypnotic. There’s also a pattern recognition thing at work that makes spotting a mistake a little simpler, but that’s just weird neuroscience talk.

The WOD:

15 min AMRAP

4 pull ups

8 Burpees

16 KB Swings

Let’s be clear.

I hated this workout. I hated this more then I hated the last workout I hated. Round 1 was fine. Round 2 and up? Sucked.

There was a bit of schadenfreude when everyone else suffered through it. It really was just a horrible beast to grind through and everyone shared the same sentiment. We did all survive and slog through it. We’re one step closer to being comfortable with misery, and that makes us better individuals. 😛

See everyone Tuesday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“How the mighty have fallen.” To Simon. Big welcome back to Simon from his vacation, eating good food and relaxing. As he put it: I’ve got no more work capacity.” Which is relative, although he might not have his previous levels that let him crush everyone, he still has enough to beat me.

“Huge, HUGE Bells!” To Ludwig, Ben and Kat. Instead of using the “light” and appropriate scaling on the Kettelbell swings, these three decided that scaling up would be a good idea. (we actually ran out of 24KG KB’s but details) Ludwig and Ben with a 32KG and Kat with a 24KG. Why not?

“Oxygen is for other people.” To Cameron. Breathing during a workout can be hard. Burpee’s and kettlebell swings? Not much time to breath in that. Obviously the best idea is to put on a gas mask halfway through and test capacity like that.


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