WOD July 5: Strict Cindy.

05 Jul

Today was my first class with the new “No kipping pull up” rule and I couldn’t be happier.

We started off with Push Jerk practice. The fun part of practising with PVC is that everyone can do it and usually has great form. “Push Jerks? Yeah, I can totally do those.”

Then out comes the bar. It’s a very sobering moment. Hence, why we practice so much.

As the Push Jerk is going to come up in the next month or so quite often, it’s important that we’re all on the same page about progressions and drills. You’ll practice the Push Jerk so much that you’ll dream about it.

Once practice was out of the way, we moved on to a short but fun warm up of push ups and air squats to prep for the WOD.

In honour of strict pull ups, I broke out an old favourite.

Cindy, Strict.
20 min AMRAP
5 Strict pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

Cindy is always fun because Cindy ALWAYS kicks your ass in new and interesting ways. For me, the push ups always hit me hard, but I can usually “rest” during the pull ups and squats. Not this time.

The feeling was mutual. Most athletes had a moment where the pull ups gave them more problems then they were used to. Even the stronger guys with good pull ups suffered.

Even when we think we’re good, we still get our asses kicked.

Oh the joys of Crossfit. 😀

See you all Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:
“Best Grave Digger” To Rob. Today was Rob’s first official class and made hilarious tongue in cheek comments doing some “core work”. Maybe some “toning”. Brilliant show of digging yourself a grave so deep you have to try to come out the other side. Well played sir.

“La Luz” To Ludwig. Lud tends to go in to workouts hungry, which is good because he gets some scary numbers, like 17+ rounds on Cindy, and then makes such amazing comments as, “Phil, I can see the light.”

“1st Time Survivor” To David. David is a visiting crossfitter from San Fran, David braved through and survived his first workout with yours truly in top form, making his old box proud. Well done.

“Anything you can do.” To Soccoro. The only girl in the 8:30 class, and not to be out done, she kept up with all the boys. Keep an eye out, she’s going to sneak up on you.

4 thoughts on “WOD July 5: Strict Cindy.

  1. Hi thanks Phil for an awesome workout,
    unfortunately this will be my final one with you guys at crossfit london.

    I thoroughly enjoyed working out with you and the gang at crossfit london. I hope our paths cross once again.

    Ill be continuing my crossfit journey on the other side of North West of london and travel the world to meet and be inspired by more crossfitters/gymnasts like yourselves.

    For anyone who wishes to stay in contact my facebook is http://www.facebook.com/spartan001


  2. Nice job dishing out the strict pull-ups. I am sure your students were thankful (after they were done cursing you, of course).

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