Women’s Virtuosity: a core to arms

19 Jul

We kicked off with some snatch and overhead squat drills, which included our new favourite “chatty bottom holds” – a chance to catch up on the day’s events while your thighs turn to stone. And a something new to think about for the squat: pretend you just kicked off your “Limo” shoes and leave your bum and boobs still sticking out proud! (Heels down, of course)

Veronika handstands

It was a great pleasure to welcome Crossfit London’s very own gymnastics coach Amelia, who took us all through some  handstand fun. If you want to get started /improve your handstands (or pirouettes, cartwheels and backflips!), Amelia is your go-to gal. Her classes are Tuesdays and Sundays.

And finally on to the main event

WOD: 5 rounds
1 minute of overhead squats
1 minute of sit ups

And finished off with a minute of bar-hangin’ around

Respect, ladies: Tasha, Kathy, Veronika, Cristina, Amelia, and Ashleigh. Having worked it from several angles, I suspect you’re arms and core are feeling special and challenged this morning. Good times! xxx


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