Women’s Virtuosity: Elizabeth rules

04 Jul

New girls, fresh and shiny from beginners – this class is for YOU! Book in now!

Tonight we drilled the whole clean from the floor, through deadlift, shrug, jump, ‘kittens’ and catch in a full squat. Then we used the newly-honed skill to get the bar up ready for some

Strict presses
5, 5, 3, 2,2,1
Who needs racks anyway?

After all that nice drilling and pressing, it was time to ramp things up a little. We slipped in a cheeky on-the-minute, every-minute for 5 mins
Push ups
tuck jumps

With the new standard of full plank, hand-release (no naughty knees) push ups firmly established, the girls got on and battled through every rep as required. With minimum ‘persuasion’

And finally onto the classic Crossfit benchmark WOD

Squat cleans
Ring dips

Should be 40kg for girls. Not just yet though, the ladies loaded up with a challenging enough weight for them. I was delighted that neither finished the WOD in the allocated time – it means that every rep was a painful struggle: no bouncing up and down on a silly thick band and missing out on intensity.

Fantastic job Stephanie and Kathy! See you next week xx

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