Women’s Virtuosity: Witch’s brew

11 Jul

This is based on a Crossfit workout, which I’ve renamed:
Witch’s Brew
25 walking lunges
20 pullups
20 box/mat jumps
20 double unders/tuck jumps/60 skips
25 dips
20 knees to elbows
30 kb swings
30 situps
20 dumbell hang squat cleans
25 back extensions
30 wallballs
50 squats

That’s a lot of drilling and practice to do before finally getting down to the workout. A word to the wise: when doing back extensions, don’t bend so far forward you whack your head on the GHD’s metal leg. You’ll get a big lump on your bonce. Yes, I have one of those now.

Fantastic work
Kathy: queen of dips!,
Adrea: nicely done on the DBHSC’s
and new classmate Veronika: strong pullups and skipping supremo

Gooood job! xx

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