Crossfit London Running Seminar

31 Aug

I’m delighted to announce the 1st of our skill sessions for our members and, (in this case ) outside visitors.

We hope to hold a monthly running seminar where you can learn and/or refresh your POSE running technique, learn valuable injury prevention/treatment ideas and meet other open and willing to share runners. Hopefully this will help us learn and compare Crossfit endurance scheduling techniques with other  established regimes. The important thing is to finding out what really work for you,  not just listening to the spin that magazines and websites (including ours) put on protocols.

People have been running for thousands of years and the libraries have accumulated a lot of information. all of which needs to be respectfully assessed and factored, either in or out. Equally, well-meaning journalists have been peddling the schedules of the elite to novice beginners . Its time to create the support network you need to get you running well.

We will also focus on running specific drills and exercises that, allegedly, are “guaranteed” to boost your running performance through the roof.  We have a clutch of sport scientists and students  on our team anxious to share the research, evaluate performance and point out that correlation does not imply causation and  that  the plural of anecdote is not data.

We also have former Marines, over 50’s, sub 3 hour marathon runners, former sub-50 second 400m runners.

We start this 1st session with a special guest speaker the ultra runner (and occasional Crossfitter)  Emily Gelder (look up her  Profile here) who will share some of her training, recovery and food ideas ( and answer most questions)

The event is from 2 till 4 on Saturday 1st October at 9 Malcolm Place E2 0EU. Bethnal green station is 2 minutes away. Don’t bring a car. Run, tube, bus or cycle.

You can book this as a normal class so the most it costs is £12 (less if you have a regular membership) So click the Getting Started button

This will be part lecture, part discussion, part practical. Come prepared to learn and share.

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