Foundations round-up

22 Aug

As I’m now privileged to teach a beginner’s and two Foundations classes each week, I thought I’d distill all the good stuff into into one delicious post. Hey, it’s like making jam out of raw awesomeness!

Saturday’s Foundationers, after drilling all the moves, got to run up to 3-rep max back squats. Spotting in pairs makes for safer lifts, as John and Darrah demonstrate during Veronika’s lift. Of course, the best place for squats is the cage, so we’ll be visiting that in the near future.

WOD  10,10,10,10,10
Pushups /ring rows
Front squats

A challenging triplet which left all the guys tired but happy.


Monday’s Women’s Virtuosity foundation class got to do a press one rep max.
Some lovely form and gritty determination shown. And props to trainer Phil – have been using your “ugly face” coaching point liberally. (in case you’re wondering, on the command “ugly face”, the athlete retreats their head until they develop 5 double chins, and allows the bar to pass straight past it!)

Really great efforts from all.
Eventually both my classes, having done deadlift, press and back squat will get a good idea of their Crossfit Total.

The WOD: Hansen Lite

Lite! This is positively skinny, low carb and all the fat trimmed off compared to the original 5 rounds,  30 rep each move monster. And yet still effective, as I discovered –  gasping on the floor after my brush with this workout

12 mins AMRAP
3 burpees
10 kettlebell swings
15 situps

Cristina, Ashleigh and Veronika thought so too. Good job ladies!


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