Give ’em enough rope……

04 Aug

The first evening  introduction of rope climbing to an agog Crossfit London audience could have been a bit nicer. Perhaps a group circle, with Tom Toms, chanting, and visualisation.  Perhaps a slow, structured introduction,  like …..

Week 1, mention the word “rope”

week 2 tell a nice story featuring rope in a positive way. “Ropey the nice rope” is always a favourite .

Week 3. get the class to do drawing of Rope.

week 4. Perhaps  a visit to a  rope based place ( like those days out we used to do as kids… harassed teachers, and a packed lunch you’d eaten by 10am.)

Alternatively. sling everyone in the back room, demo leg, and leg free rope climbing and  the HOFDLLATK techique ( or hanging on for dear life like a terrified kitten)… then sling it into a cute 3 round WOD that goes something like this:

45 seconds wall ball

45 seconds GHD sit ups ( or Sophia’s delight)

45 second rope climb

45 seconds max ring dips

1 minute rest

x 3  There is a formal 15 second rest between each exercise to allow for change over.

Followed by dish rocks and jumping shallow squats, with some wall climbers chucked in for good measure.

Well done all.

kate actually getting up the rope! Good Job.

2 thoughts on “Give ’em enough rope……

  1. …but not much higher than you see in the photo!
    Still waiting for the GHD situps time-bomb to go off in my abs

    Great fun, thank you baby xxx

  2. I could feel my abs this morning and the pain is still there. But I made it to the top of the rope (once I think)… Good fun though!

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