Gymnastics on holiday for the month.

01 Aug

We waived a tearful goodbyeee to Gymnastic Amelia as she leaves to visit home  for a month.

The classes will restart in  early September in  a new “dedicated”  Sunday format that will take more account of the widening ability gap between some of our trainees. We  will be having 3 lessons ranging from intermediate, beginner and absolute beginner.  As my mother used to  say, “thats something to look forward to, isnt it?”

What you can all do in August is to practise your back bridges!. Its  a lovely  move.

As Amelia would say, “straight your arm”

One thought on “Gymnastics on holiday for the month.

  1. this is great! I’m terrified of the beginners class… but I could be brave and try absolute beginners… and we do lots of bridge pose in yoga, so at the very least I have that in the bag…

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