In the rain.

17 Aug

A charming evening in Bethnal Green.

So, we practised some push jerks. That was ok.

Then we worked out what 70% of our 1 rep max deadlift was, We then slung that on our bars we the deadlifted the bar 10 times and ran round the block (350m). That was one round. We did as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. A shocked congratulations to Harriot, a lady who doesn’t run, for running

Top performance by Pat humping 120kg and missing a full 8 rounds by 10 seconds. Top jerk went to Phil for a cute 100kg jerk for 3 reps. Clap clap.

We then finished off with Death by strict  pull ups,  capped at 10 rounds. As you failed the pull ups, you subbed with Burpees. Top marks to Cindy , and a well done to Kirsty who endured 10 agonising negatives as part of her campaign to get her 1st pull up. God her arms are going to be sore in the morning.

I had the opportunity of having a peak at the new crop of beginners and saw some quality teaching by Katarina, and some great  work in progress by the “newbies”

A  high five goes big hearted Ed and Cameron who always attempt to work themselves to death. Sure the form is work in progress, the spirit is 100% Crossfit London.

Oh, and it rained

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  1. We were the lucky ones (first class) not to get rained on. Congratulations to Cameron for his first muscle up. And massive well done to Rebecca, Tim, Liam, Connor, Damion and Warren for getting through my first beginners session and for their great form throughout the WOD.

  2. Cam’s muscle up was awesome – after a WOD, a finisher of ‘Death by pull ups’ of all things, and with already torn hands! Cam, you’re all heart!

  3. Yes my arms are sore this morning 🙂 only 24 days left though….the pressure is on!

  4. strange things are happening. For some unknown reason my ability to power clean/jerk is increasing exponentially – I haven’t been training in secret or anything (in fact I haven’t been training at all for the past couple of weeks)….

    I actually put it down to having relatively recently done DT twice. That’s a heavy work-out incorporting a lot of 70 kg deads, power cleans and jerks. Andrew – don’t you always say that you teach your muscles by grinding through these things? What’s the science?

    I am more impressed by 8 rounds using 120kgs. Seriously good skills. I managed 5

  5. i push jerked 110kg a few weeks ago. I was more surprised by the power clean… Comfortably a PR.

  6. Your technique must be hot to clean and push jerk that though. Impressed.

    Re what you were asking Andrew about grinding (and i’m assuming some implication of increased volume) I’m a believer in this. My deadlifts felt fine yesterday, no form issues at all, which i attribute to two weeks ago in 4 out of my five xfit classes doing 1rm, 5rm then two wods involving a lot of deadlifts at 110kgs and 80kgs. Similar story with strict pull ups. I think volume is the only thing that really improves my strength or that i respond to. My experience of doing once a week/infrequent front squats seemed to show gradual improvement then a plateau. With that in mind I’d be interested in doing a similar thing with the squat. Without turning my weeks into some grueling Bullgarian style misery fests.

    I’d also be interested in the science too Andrew and other’s views.

  7. without getting too scientific, all training improvements is a mix of what you do, how much you do it, the frequency you do it, and the variation that you use. Also influenced by the psychology of the individuals;. Some can just dig in and grind them out.

    see your muscles as a team of individuals, can you get them to pull together in the right direction at the right time. Most strength training does not make extra “team members”, it aims at efficiency. Bearing in mind that some evaluations of skeletal muscles suggest that the human system can absorb massive amounts of load ( imagine the loads going through your system when you jump and land) we all have the potential to lift more, if our body can be bothered to adapt. The problem is that its easy to “crush” the body. If you give it a single challenge, it gets bored ( and lets face it, in the wild, the animal that does the same thing is easy to hunt down) so the “trick” is how to keep the body learning , while keeping it injury free, and avoiding becoming stale.

    So as always a mix of science, clinical experience, artistry inspired crossfit trainer leadership. and the unique Crossfit London atmosphere!

  8. after the horrible-ness of Wednesday night I dragged myself out of bed and made it to one of the park run events this morning – a few more of these in the pipeline 🙂

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