My Last 2 Weeks……….sniff

18 Aug

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 8 months you will all know that I am edging closer and closer to the biggest WOD of my life.

I have 4 weeks left and although I am very excited I am also really sad at the thought of stopping work.

I have worked in different gym from council run to private owned and in my years of experience I have never worked with such lovely members and colleagues.

The community spirit at our Crossfit box is awesome and I will miss terribly!

I officially stop work on the 5th September (that will be my last day) I will try to find a suitably Sally style WOD to see me out but just because I want to say Goodbye to you all properly I have asked Andrew and Steven if we can run an extra session on Sunday 4th September.

On Sunday we will run a Baby WOD……..

This will entail a backpack stylishly attached to your fronts and kept in place with a sheet or scarf of some sort, a tee-shirt worn on top will give it a more realistic look.

The backpacks should weigh a few kilos, how you fill them is up to you.

You will then have a WOD to get through which will have been designed to highlight how it feels to train while pregnant.

You will be up against me so no pressure guys to perform well.

Following the workout we will have some food and a few drinks before I hang up my teaching shoes for a while.

To give me and idea of numbers for food if you could leave a comment or let me know via email that would be great.

Am hoping to see all my favorite faces there.

14 thoughts on “My Last 2 Weeks……….sniff

  1. I’m there! I’ve got a mini backpack that should do the job. It may even hold a 24kg kettlebell 😉

  2. Count me in! I’m signed up to one of Phil’s classes that day I think but I’ll change it once I know what time your WOD is at 😀 can’t wait

  3. That sounds brilliant! Unfortunately I will be in Milton Keynes for a dragonboat race so I won’t be able to join you 🙁 But I can’t wait to see the photos!

  4. I will participate in the WOD just need to workout what to put into my backpack (as I don’t want to cycle with heavy stuff). In the worst case I am reserving the 5kg vest to fill my bag with. See you then!

  5. I can’t make it but best of luck to all in the WOD and to Sally – hope everything goes well!

  6. Can I do a few deadlifts and then go home? No? Ok. I’m supposed to go up norf that weekend but it’s 50/50 right now. Def be there if I’m not.

  7. i’ll try and see if i can find stephanie in vancouver and we’ll do it together… 🙂 so sad to miss 🙁

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