31 Aug

We began with my current obsession ( no not the incorporation of archery in WODs, thats next month!), no, its the re introduction of the back bridge. the exercise mostl likely to humble most people. Whats not to like. No one was quite sure if the bridge was as bad as the flexibility practise that went with it

stretch until blood weeps from the joints

The strength component for the month is the handstand push up. Everyone is going to get  an improvement, whether, its just getting up there, or banging out 20

I have to say, top marks to Joy and Natasha for dealing with some basic fears and getting upside down. Joy hung there for 30 seconds, inspirationally counted out by Naim. Chris (W) was fabulous in supporting ( physically and emotionally) Natasha’s early hand stand attempts. Further down the Wall, Kate, the girl  once voted “Miss most unlikely ever to attempt a handstand” was patiently popping them out,  and offering some great support to Cindy, whose shoulder flexibility, still remains her major barrier. Stick with it!!

When the wod was announced, there was a bit of a  controversy .  I produced stevens “slamming sausages”, known as “Shrago Slammers” which are obviously, very different from  “Shrago Sanders” the  10kg sandbags used in last weeks 350m run. Some people suggested that, anything, filled with sand, and carried on a run was equally horrid, while others, backed up the management and pointed out that a sausage, was clearly a nicer thing to take for a stroll around the park than a tatty sandbag. Although, they did  look like  a pile of  big dogs pooh.

Shrago slammers, dog poo, or black pudding

Dog Poo images to one side, there wasn’t the “how to hold it” debate  .Most opted for a round the neck approach, except visitor Monica ( pictured above) who opted for the over the arm approach


Anyway,  we ended up doing 20 overhead squats, 20 box jumps and a 350m  sausage haul. Amrap 20 minutes. Cameron, Ed and Pat produced predicably impressive performances humping the required 40kg. Equally impressive was the attention that Dave and Darryl paid to their overhead squats: some great improvement in form Guys, Well done.

When we retest Nancy, Im expecting some great performances!



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  1. Are there no depths this man will not plumb? Running with a big heavy chipolata!

    Was great to be able to do handstands at last. Now just need to make my 2″ HSPU a tad deeper 😉

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