The new “Skill Sessions”

11 Aug

Youll notice a lot of improvements over the next few months: the piles of “black” weights are already appearing, as are worrying amounts of kettlebells: soon to be joined by a mini fleet of  Rowers. ( We are hoping to re-enact Actium!) We are still assessing our preferred bar suppliers, so you’ll see the odd test bar appearing for assessment., although helen has fallen in love with the new bar from Jordans

The problem we have been dying to sort out is the Additional Skill Sessions.

Since starting Crossfit London we have experimented with  dedicated weekly gymnastics, olympic weight lifting, running and kettlebell sessions, all of which have been initially well attended, as you enjoyed the learning challenge, but with numbers dropping rapidly as the weeks went  on. The only class to “buck the trend” has been the Adult gymnastic sessions ( which will be back in september when Amelia gets back from Mexico).

So here is our solution.

We are going to package up a series on 1-2 hour special skill masterclasses covering olympic weightlifting Rowing ( we will soon have 4 rowers btw). POSE running , Mobility ( foam rolling, trigger points,  self massage) Muscle -ups, Kipping, Levers and even a swimming technique , self defence and, for that matter, any skill you fancy.  All of these sessions will be backed up by notes and youtube clips.

What this means is that you will have a massive selection of stuff to learn, and it means you can spot and solve your weaknesses.

In essence we have (re) discovered that no one who comes to us wants to be an elite runner or rower, or olympic weightlifter . We like the fitness and broad skill base that Crossfit gives us. We all want to  row, run,and  lift,  better: but, bearing in  mind that we all have jobs. families and careers, and the reality that most sports have easily broken down skills and drills, we simply want the accessible skills while enjoying the diversity of Crossfit.  The runners, rowers and footballers and MMA fighters who come to us, want the conditioning programme we offer while enjoying our great community spirit ( built from shared pain!!), and the opportunity to peak at other sporting methods

I hope that makes sense. We should start scheduling in a week or so. The last of the regular endurance sessions will be next wednesday.

The next 3 problems on my desk are 1)  organising supervised access for our members  to come in and follow their own supplemental strength programming, 2) the creation of a Crossfit London team without  disturbing our fantastic community spirit, and making sure that the members of  such a  team  dont go around slushly-ing the “Glee” kids  3) the launching of the “Capital’s Fittest” competition.

Theres a lot to do

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  1. All sounds very interesting. Like the sound of the supplemental strength training, the new skills masterclasses and the ‘Capital’s Fittest competition’.

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