What Are The Odds?

06 Aug

Saturday 6th August 2011 



Another great Saturday morning for the Crossfit London UK die hards. Classes are a little light during the holiday period so if you fancy a change why not drop in.  We started with push jerk. Looked at some reinforcement drills focussing on getting those hips fully open in the drive phase and then really planting that landing into the quarter squat while pushing under the bar.  2×5 and 1×5+ . So nice and heavy.  For those who were still perfecting their technique we kept the bar light and drilled the movement.


I picked up an email from Steve this morning on the way in to the gym that said Phil and I had programmed the exact same WOD back to back.  What are the chances? Of all the infinite combinations we still managed to pick the same movements.  Still Phil was a gentleman and conceded. So the Saturday crowd were treated to 150 kettle bell swings with three burpees on the minute every minute until done. Simon hit a fantastic sub 9 minute time.  But most were looking in the 10 to 12 minute area.  That a lot of burpees!

We finished with an Afterparty of maximum knees to elbows in three minutes. Which resulted in this…



I am off for a couple of weekends now. Moving house and then a mini tour of Europe. Gonna miss  you guys!




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