Whats in a sandbag…

24 Aug

if girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, and boys are made of slugs and snails and puppy dog tails, what are sandbags made of? Well, unsurprisingly, sand, mainly. But , also a dose of “escalating inconvenience” otherwise known as something that gets heavier  as you go, combined with increasing awkwardness.

Sort of Like marriage.

I  had ridiculed steven when he stayed at home and made 8 10kg sandbags so we could do the weird exercises  that featured in the numerous e-books we reviewed entitled, among others  ” sandbags and awesome abs”  “sandbags make you a better lawyer” fitness pamphlets.

There is no end to charlatanism in the Fitness industry.

I thought the idea of cleaning and pressing bags to be a bit silly. That said all my objections have finally gone. Simply give the sandbag to all levels of runners, include it in a WOD and stand back and survey the pain.

We had a  pleasing half  hour  of overhead squats  where katarina and Kate put the boys to shame by humping 45kg and 40kg respectively., usefully setting  a standard for the evening. “See if you are as tough as a 49 year old woman”.

Naim continues to amaze everyone by sticking more than his body weight over his head, as did Craig ( I  think… is 60kg your body weight Craig??).

Denny and Yuri did some great coaching and helped  their lifting partners onto even  better form! Go Team,

The workout was simplicity itself

run 350m with a 10kg sandbag slithering off your shoulders as if it  had a life of its own, do 10  x 40 kg sumo-deadlift high pulls, followed by 2 sets of a squat clean, followed by  4 front squats ( sort of  8 front squats and cleans). Amrap 20 minutes.

It was simply nasty, with Ed getting an outstanding 5 and  bit rounds, closely followed by a  Trevor, Cameron, Chris, Simon and  Pat, although everyone had lost count by the end of it. The run, that many looked forward to as a rest, had become a mini hell all  of its own: a hell for those who are bad at running, because they are bad at running: a hell for good runners as they are good at running… without 10kg sandbags. Going “oi, mate, carry this” screws most people hard fought for running mechanics into the ground.

But we discovered a secret. The secret of carrying a sandbag on a run, is…. there’s no secret, all methods suck, but, Mike began developing the ” Mike twist” Want to know more??? Well you  should have been there.

Well done all! With a special high five to Denny For struggling through with  30kg ,and  a nice  welcome to David on his 1s Wednesday  night.

Worse to come next week

10 thoughts on “Whats in a sandbag…

  1. This was awful! I was reduced to a plod on the last run, brutal. Congrats to those who made 5 rounds.

    Yes, Andrew, I did manage to put 65Kg above my head (and I weigh 60kg). But quite frankly, I think it’s my body weight that needs to go up right now, rather than my overhead squat weight! Which is why I’m currently tucking into a jar of peanut butter ….

  2. Had a lot of pitying looks as I dragged myself round the park. Or maybe it was worry that had people hustle their kids out of my way: mad sandbag woman alert!

    How do you up the ante on this one? Piggy-back park runs?

  3. You eat a jar of peanut butter Craig? Wow. Have an image of you tucking into it like a yoghurt 🙂

  4. Ha! No I don’t make it through a whole jar a day or anything … that would be quite a lot of calories! But I do tend to eat few spoons with some sliced apple or banana maybe twice a day. Or sometimes, just spooned from the jar (hmm that does sound a little weird when I read it back). Simon recently recommended almond butter (paleo friendly apparently, whereas peanut butter is not). I tried it, it’s also good. Whole Foods (“Whole Paycheck”) usually has several different posh nut butters, but actually I’ve been able to pick up some fairly cheap natural peanut butter (no added sugar etc) from my local Sainsburys.

  5. The natural peanut butter I forget the name of but is good stuff. Quite addictive. A lot of people talk about almond butter etc but it just does not taste nearly as good in my opinion. I reckon I could probably eat a whole jar if I had a day to do it and did not eat anything else. Ha 🙂

  6. Yep peanut butter does taste much better than almond butter in my opinion as well, and I love the stuff! But it is quite inflammatory compared to other nuts and has a very high omega 6:3 ratio. The Whole Earth brand is my favourite when I have it and is pretty much all natural, save for some salt and oil.

    And Craig I’m with you, there’s no better way than sitting with a jar and a spoon!

  7. Wow my rowing even elevated was a dream compared to having to run with a sand bag 🙂

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