WOD 15th August – Sotts, Zumba and C&J

16 Aug

I covered this Monday’s classes for Sally and it was a fairly quiet evening. We should be hitting the gym hard after a nice restful weekend!

We started with some Mobility drills and some air squats to warm up, focusing on trying to get our toes pointing as forward as possible to generate that powerful torque required when squatting heavy.

We then grabbed some bars and performed a circuit of moves to loosen up and work on technique, including:

Back Squats
Sotts Press
(Amazing shoulder mob!)
Front Squats
Front Rack Stretches
Zombie Squats

After this we moved on to practice the progressions in preparation for today’s main lift. We went from Hang Power Cleans to Hang Squat Cleans and then practiced the lower portion of the lift. This was then followed by Split Jerk drills, ensuring we had a nice deep lunge with our toes pointing in the correct direction to provide a stable base. After drilling this, we went to the bars to practice some Behind The Neck Split Jerks, as these tend to give athletes a much better feel for the path the bar should be travelling, as it is easier for it to move up and down in a straight line as opposed to having to move the head back and then forward again.

Then it was on to our Oly Lifting combo:

Clean & Jerk

3 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1

The concept of today was to perform a Squat Clean from the floor followed by a Split Jerk and to start light and warm up and progress to try and hit a 1 rep max. Very nice work from Craig using around bodyweight on the bar and Adrienne after she got over the fear!

The WOD was one taken from Crossfit Football and involved 4 rounds of:

Dumbbell Power Snatch RT 30 sec
Rest 30 sec
Dumbbell Power Snatch LT 30 sec
Rest 30 sec
Supine Ring Row 30 sec
Rest 30 sec
Dumbbell Thrusters
Rest 30 sec

Only 2 minutes of work each round, but the rest meant you could come back and push harder again, thus making it very difficult. The Dumbbell Thrusters were as horrible as ever and got the heart rate shooting up. Nice extension on the Dumbbell Thrusters being demonstrated in the photo by Pat!

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  1. This was a great sesh Si. Thanks. Appreciated your coaching- lots of little points I’d not noticed before.

  2. Welcome Pat, your Clean & Jerk were both much improved by the end of the session. Next time you’re by yourself and i’m not sore i’ll hit the WOD with you!

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