WOD 18 Aug: CrossFit Total – what’s not to love?

19 Aug

Thursday 18 August

Mobility: personalised

Strength: CrossFit Total – back squat 1RM, overhead press 1RM and deadlift 1RM

I’m sure I’ve said it before but I love doing Total – who doesn’t want to know how heavy they can lift? I set the guys off with their own mobility asking: what do you need to work on? Mostly the athletes went for perfect air squats preparing their inner depth-meters for the first lift.

Since we’ve embarked upon a more regimented strength programme in the name of greater progression – the back squat and overhead press were new to some of the group so we used the session to hammer out some practice on 5’s and 3’s.

So in the excitement of it all I didn’t manage to get some of the 7am totals so please post to comments. The rest were as follows:

Rita: BS 55kg, OHP 28kg, DL 80kg = 163kg/359lbs

Ruairi: BS 130kg, OHP tbc, DL tbc = tbc

Mel: all tbc

Lindsey: all tbc

Helen: total = 175kg/386lbs

Sally: total = 202.5kg/446lbs … get the ol’ girl’s musings on the session here

James: BS 80kg, OHP 45kg, DL 110kg = 235kg/518lbs

Alex: BS 110kg, OHP 57.5kg, DL 145kg = 312.5kg/689lbs

Jenny: BS 77.5kg, OHP 25kg, DL 90kg = 192.5kg/424lbs

Patricia: BS 85kg, OHP 35kg, DL 100kg = 220kg/485lbs

Trev: BS 160kg, OHP 55kg, DL170kg = 385kg/848lbs

Go TEAM indeed!

Tuesday’s photos (the workout was overhead squats followed by hero workout ‘Holbrook’ – 10 Rounds of 5 thrusters, 10 pull ups, 100m run, 1 min rest with 20 min cut off – most got 6 to 7 rounds)


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