WOD 18th August Snatch Technique Night

19 Aug

Today was a skill day and since I have a few classes left to teach before I leave to have my baby I wanted to fit in some quality time with the Snatch.

Warming up varied depending on the amount of rain outside so other then the first class who practised the 400m run route it was kettlebell drills in preparation for the WOD.

Running between rain clouds
Running between rain clouds

After drilling technique and increasing the weights from 8-24Kg it was time to start working a barbell Snatch.

8 minutes was spent drilling with a pvc leaving you all 15 minutes to play with an Oly bar.

Depending on skill either drills were practised or practise lifts with weight.

My main focus was the set up. Ensuring that the back is in a good position means the lift is neater.

The workout for the day was something I had made up myself.

The thing with this workout was that 1 round was not enough and 3 rounds would be what I would expect advanced athletes to get.

So what did I do……I put 3 round up on the board and gave 20 minutes.

On average most athletes scored just over 2 rounds, and the few advanced smashed 3 rounds in 20.

So what was the WOD……..

Nice work Craig
Nice work Craig

50 Swings

25 Air Squats

15 Push Ups

10 Snatches each side

5 Pull ups

400m Run

16-20Kg Kettlebells were used for men and 12Kg for girls.

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