WOD 23rd August Totally Kettlebells………….and a Jane Fonda move.

23 Aug

With 2 weeks left I am throwing all I got at you, for today I have prepared a night filled with Kettlebells.

We usually cover swings and snatches regularly but today being a skill day I wanted more!

We begun the night sorting out the finer points of the snatch. We worked up from 12kg with the guys and 8kg with the girls all the way up to 32kg!

I have to mention Danielle and Adrienne snatching with 20kg!! Doing it for the girls.

After looking at an oh squat with a Kb it was time for a “warm up”

A classic so called warm up which in some circles constitutes as a workout itself.

8 snatches – 8 oh sqauts – 8 burpees (both sides) x2

That out the way it was time to work on more Kettlebell skills…….this time a Windmill or as Ruairi named it a Jane Fonda.

Don’t ask me why it is called a Windmill I think a Fonda suits better.

Ruairi Loved this move!
Ruairi Loved this move!

Basically the  move requires you to rota, stabilize and co-ordinate.

Moving on you needed to be able to clean a kettlebell. After explaining the oneness of the elbow and ribcage it seemed to make more sense. I have made a mental note we need to do more of these.

Craig has a good Rack????
Craig has a good Rack?????

Skills learnt and on to the WOD

A simple ladder 10-1

Clean + Press


The Catch – on the minute every minute 8 Jumping squats.

The moves were to be performed both right and left. A 16Kg was used for most boys and 12-8Kg for girls.

You had around 16 minutes to complete or get as far as you could down the ladder.

I get the feeling that this was a bit of an eye-opener for most as the moves were very foreign.

It’s good for the soul to try new things!

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