WOD 5th August ‘If only We could Kip!’

05 Aug

I was feeling in a particularly tough mood today, it must have been all the rain! At least I am going to blame it on that.

The night started with some kettlebell snatch drills mixed with a bit of work on the push jerk.

You know what is coming next……..Kettlebell Snatch Test! Whoop

The Snatch Test is 10 minutes of snatching. You can switch arms as much as you like, men using 24Kg and girls 12/16Kg.

This always gets the heart pumping. Anything from 100 with 24Kg to 156 with a 12 from Kat.

Well and truly warmed up it was Deadlift time 3 warm up sets of 5 and one nice and heavy 5+, fitting a couple of sets of weighted chin ups 6-8 reps.

Nice one Ben hitting 120Kg for 5
Nice one Ben hitting 120Kg for 5

The met con was one of my creations and proved more hard work then it looked considering the no kipping rule.

It went like this …….

6 Push Jerks

8 Pull Ups

12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

I was gave 15 minutes to complete 5 rounds.

Weight used was…….25Kg-30Kg for girls and 35Kg-45Kg for guys.

To see how I got along with this check out http://sallydixey.com/2011/08/wod-4th-august-testing-thursday/


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