WOD August 14th: Manhandled.

14 Aug

It’s Sunday so it’s time to deal with me again

Today’s workout involved some heavish thrusters, so I greatly enjoyed warming everyone up with a 3RM strict Press and 3RM max Front Squat before hitting the WOD.

Straight out of Crossfit New England.



3min AMRAP 1 min Rest

3 thrusters

6 box jumps

9 kb swings

Brutal. Five rounds is long. Putting in your all in each round becomes harder and harder when you have to stop and then start all over again. Each round starts off with the idea of getting as much work done as possible, but then a curious phenomena happens, there’s a point or two where everyone stops. It’s a bit like the eye of the storm. There’s an eerie calm, right before everyone remembers where they are and they get their ass back in gear.

The workout is very aptly named by the way. No matter what your score, once you’re done, you feel it.

Very well done to everyone.

See you Tuesday.

Arbitrary awards:

Special Guest DJ: Kate, Simon and Sally. Sally left her iPod and Kate and Simon were brave enough to volunteer their music for a class while I openly mocked their musical taste. Thank you for providing the tunes. The mocking is payback for all the flak I got from you guys this past year. 😛

Most Timely: To Jenny. For being on time for an early morning Sunday class. I was shocked speechless. (Very difficult feat to accomplish)

New Blood: To Chris. I rarely see Chris because he comes to the 6am classes. He gave an excellent performance though. New people are good, they keep the regulars on their toes.

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  1. I am SO embarrassed…! I vow never to be late ever again! Thanks for a brilliant session and for making me swing a 20kg.

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