WOD August 16th: That’s what I get.

16 Aug

Welcome to Tuesday!

Today’s skill work consisted of a delightful 1 RM overhead squat off the racks to get people working out of their comfort zone again. A few PR’s later, we warmed up with some nice and easy power clean practice to prep for the WOD.


“Black Kiss”

5 Rounds

15 Power Cleans (M:50KG, W: 30KG)

30 Situps.

This is another Crossfit New England workout. When I first saw it,  I thought it would be a good idea to sub ab mat situps (as Rx’d) with Knees to Elbows. I figured, 30 sit ups were easy and I wanted to hit this a little harder.

Not my brightest moment.

After nearly dying. I decided to tackle this WOD again as Rx’d. Round 1 and 2 went by easily. Round 3 and 4 made me slow down a bit, but round 5 made me very unhappy.

Stupid round 5.

50 KG doesn’t seem like much, but 15 reps is an evil number. 15 adds up. 50 KG starts to get really heavy. Even the sit-ups, which started out simple enough, became traitorous evil things.

“Black Kiss” looks really easy on paper, but sneaks up on you.

Obviously, it was awesome.

Also, this weekend, you can get a double dose of yours truly as I’m covering both Saturday AND Sunday! Doesn’t that sound like fun? 😀

Arbitrary Awards:

“Most Unruly”: To the 5:30 class. Usually there’s no issue keeping law and order in any of my classes. The 5:30 class tried to overthrow change that. They failed, but they still tried.

“The Ringleader”To Mark. Other then finishing the WOD and muscling through today’s workout quite well, Mark was also the ringleader of the 5:30 class uprising. Gold star.

“Fastest Guy” To Alex: For finishing the WOD, as Rx’d in a blazing sub 10. Excellent work.

‘Toughest Chick”To Natasha. Among all the dirty looks, Natasha also managed to PR on her overhead squat and complete the workout as Rx’d. You’re in the big leagues now.

“MVP” To Adrienne. For managing to finish first (Rx’d) in the 7:30 class, with a better time then most of the classes run today. Well done.

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  1. Phil – sorry for the mucking around, but your confused sleep deprived demeanour just demanded it. How is the phasic sleep thing getting on?
    BTW my abs are still sore two days later.

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