WOD August 2: Fun for all.

02 Aug

I love Tuesdays.

Although, I hate coming in to the gym and seeing the whiteboard after Chris is done with it.

His handwriting is SO. NEAT.

The guy has the best handwriting I’ve ever seen.

I, on the other hand, commonly have my scrawling referred to as “The stuff of a mad scientist.”

Anyway. Today consisted of skills in the form of L-sit and knees to elbow progressions.

We started off with some static holds, working with knees up, one leg straight, then both legs straight.

Once the static holds were done, we moved on to more dynamic movements. Knees to elbows and Toes to bar.

The idea was to find a progression that each athlete could do if they came across them in a workout.

After the holds, it was time for part one of the workout.

Work up to a 1RM deadlift.

Then, take 70% of that number and use it for the WOD.


5 rounds for Time.

5 Deadlifts

12 push ups

9 box jumps

The general reaction to this workout was that it was surprisingly fun. Each movement was either hard or heavy enough to make you work but not hard enough to slow you down. Deadlifts and box jumps are always a fun combination but breaking them up with the push ups meant that your legs got a little break before moving on. Everyone blazed through and finished well before the cut off time.

Very nice job, and I’ll see you all Sunday!

Arbitrary Awards:

Accidental Badass: Kate. Apparently Kate, this workout wasn’t mean enough for Kate. “5 Deadlifts at 70% HA! I’ll do 6!” And so she did. Excellent example of accidental badassery.

PR’s galore: To Cindy, Adrienne, Natasha, Yuri and anyone else who PR’d yesterday. Big props to everyone for PR’ing on their deadlifts 1RM. Especially Yuri, for breaking his previous plateau of 100KG and for Cindy for almost hitting a 1.5x Bodyweight deadlift.

“Can we go again?”To Simon: Because apparently, once wasn’t enough. Post Wod, Simon’s first question was “Can we go again!?” I don’t know what he’s been eating..

“Traumatized” To Mark. Mark has been scarred for life after having completed a work out a max effort, finished in under 5 minutes and then being told that he had to do it again. Rest assured Mark, I’m not nearly that tyrannical. I like people to see their demise plainly.

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  1. My ass may be bad, but so is my eyesight. Was sure it said 6 on the board from where I was standing…

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