WOD: August 21: Meet Lizzie.

21 Aug

3rd day in a row of putting up with me.

I don’t know how you guys do it. I know I barely can..

Today was all about Power Cleans. We started off with PVC and worked our way through all the progressions before moving on to heavier weight.

The strength portion: Work up to a Max Power Clean: 2-2-2-2

When you fail, you’re done.

Take 85% of that weight for the WOD.

Enter “Lizzie”


Power Cleans

Ring Dips

Lift near your maximum enough and you’ll start missing reps, not because you’re weaker, but because you’re fried neurologically. Which is exactly what happened here. You work your way up to a heavy power clean which gets you tired, and then you get finished off with power cleans and ring dips. Two exercises that require a high degree of control to complete properly.


See Everyone Tuesday!

Arbitrary Awards:

“Survivors” To Alex and Linsay. Who showed up looking like deer caught in headlights, and left with their heads held high. Impressive performance.

“Big Boy Weight” To Everyone who PR’d today. Big congratulations are due here. The Olympic lifts are wondrously evil and complex things, and now you’re moving weight that you used to deadlift. Not a bad day’s work.

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