WOD: August 23rd: “Electric Dream”

23 Aug

The above photo perfectly encapsulates why everyone goes through the same skills and drill training each class.

Plus it fits in well with today’s WOD.

Just thought I’d share  😀

Back to the regular scheduled programming.

After some Push Jerk Practice, we moved on to today’s WOD:

Cleverly named: “Electric Dream” (see what I did there with the picture?)

AMRAP 15 minutes

25 Box Jumps

20 Kettlebell Swings

15 Toes to Bar

10 Burpees

This WOD had a little something for everyone. Legs got fried quickly, then grip, and then to top it all off, burpees. Evil, evil business.

The fun part? Even if you can power through everything, after switching from burpees to box jumps you have the distinct impression that someone decided to park something heavy on your chest for the rest of the workout.

Absolutely hilarious.

Arbitrary Awards:

“3 Round Crew” To everyone who beat my measly 2 rounds, I applaud you.

“Popeye” To Alex. Alex is a visting Crossfitter who consistently got top weights and times everywhere. Today, he managed 3 rounds and got all the way to 3 burpees on round 4.

He also does it all while being a vegan.


2 thoughts on “WOD: August 23rd: “Electric Dream”

  1. I’m in your crew, Phil – 6 burpees short of 3 rounds.
    An unforgettable, horrendous experience. Thanks!

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