WOD August 27: Ignore the color.

27 Aug

Welcome back to weekends with Phil. I’m your host, Phil.

It seems 90% of the population is off on vacation for the long weekend. Beginner crossfitters, the people who run the london underground…

But not the select few sadistic individuals, who just can’t seem to stay away from lifting heavy stuff.

Issues. We has them. đŸ˜€

The skill portion of today was narrow grip overhead squats. After the look of shock and horror over the last time we did these, I couldn’t help but use them again.

After suffering through we moved on to the workout:

“Purple Drank”

4 rounds

6 Deadlifts

12 Ring dips

40 Double Unders

The Rx’d weight on the deadlifts was a tad high (read: monstrous) so we scaled to 75% of our 1RM. I’m a big fan of workouts that have heavy deadlifts and either ring dips or double unders, but this is the first that has all of them. Alone, none of these exercises is particularly horrible, but combining them kicks your ass mightly. The heavy deadlifts tire you out and the heavily skill based ring dips and double unders mean you don’t get enough recovery. Which means that your next round of deadlifts are going to be much harder.

And that’s round 1.

Tons of fun. As always.

See you all Sunday!

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