WOD August 28th: Big scary crossfitters indeed.

28 Aug
Today started off working on the snatch grip. Specifically, on the Snatch grip deadlift and snatch grip high pulls. We haven’t touched on the details of the Snatch grip, but I figured today would be as good a day as any other to introduce the hook grip.
When dealing with heavy weight, one of the main limiting factors is grip, and the hook grip allows for more tension to be placed on the bar, which allows for a better transfer of force in technique.
It also stings a bit when you aren’t used to it. Hence, today’s title.
I know it hurts, but you guys are all big and tough. So deep breath get it over with.After working the high pulls at light weight we moved on to a snatch grip deadlift.
Warm up- Warm up- 2-2-2-2The idea wasn’t to hit a max, it was to work on the cleanest technique to prep for any Snatch work that might come up.

Then enter the WOD

“Scorpion bowl”
7 rounds
7 thrusters
7 burpeesThe weight was 40-45 for guys, 30-35 for women as Rx’d was a little on the higher side. (Not recommended)
Again from Crossfit New England, and AGAIN, something that I thought looked easy on paper. How bad could 7 rounds of a couplet be?
Quite, as it turns out. I forgot quite how bad heavy thrusters feel. Burpee’s are still not fun. Combining the press of the thruster and then the press and huge movement pattern of the burpee is really taxing.
This isn’t a fun workout, but you are happy once you’re done with it.
Very nice job to everyone and I’ll see you all Tuesday.

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