WOD August 30th: Well. That was interesting.

30 Aug

Today was the first class with a new strength cycle of front squat, so after nice and easy hip prep to get into position, we started working on 3RM front squat.

Warm up – Warm up – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

3RM done, we moved on to some double under practice to prep for the WOD


4 Rounds

10 KB Swings

15 Toes to Bar

20 Double Unders

Everyone’s first reaction to this: “Dude. That’s it? Really? This weekend was so much worse then this.”

To a man (or woman) everyone looked at today’s WOD and thought it was a walk in the park. Heck, I did to. I expected to get it done in 8 minutes. Sub 10 at least. Eleven minutes later I finished and was absolutely wrecked. I think the toes to bar are what did me in. I pushed as hard as I could and right at round 3 I had to pull back or I wasn’t going to survive. Nearly everyone had a great start, getting the first round done in under a minute, but slowed to a crawl by round 4.

It was unexpectedly difficult for such a short WOD.

Very nice job to everyone, brilliant performance tonight.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Dreams Fulfilled” To everyone who hit a first today. We got new 3RM front squats. We got 1RM front squats. We got a bunch of first time double unders. We got WOD’s done at higher then normal weight. We got heavy American Kettlebell swings. Tonight was tough, but there were a lot of smiling faces when we were done.

“Rx’D for who?” To Kat: Kat had to do the workout Rx’D for men (24KG Kettlebell) and finished in 11:03, spectacular. Gentlemen, consider the gauntlet thrown.

“Big Boy Weight” To Edd: We ran out of 24KG Kettlebell’s in the last class. So Edd decided that instead of using a 20KG (like normal people would) he would use a 32KG. American swing every time no less.

“Unwilling hero” To Naim: Poor Naim. The 5:30 class (myself included) built up how amazing he was going to do considering how mechanically advantaged he is. He did not disappoint, finishing well before the 10 minute mark.

“Coolest name” To Drago: Dude. The guy’s name is Drago. That’s an “n” away from breathing fire. Cooler name then that? I think not.


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