WOD August 4th: SuppleLeopardStrongPress & SumoDeadliftHighPulls!

05 Aug

…or SLSP & SDHP for those of you acronym savvy people.

Apparently the rain put a number of people off today’s classes as the waitlist was spilling over yet when half 6 rolled around there were only 2 of you in Foundations. Don’t let a little rain distract you from Elite Fitness!

Today’s Foundations was focussed on the Press with a little bit of Cleaning sprinkled in as we weren’t using racks. We started off with a dynamic warm up to get our shoulders loose and ready followed by some mobilisation techniques to create some supple leopards and get you in improved and stronger positioning for the Press.

This involved using the trusty resistance bands and I demonstrated a four-way shoulder mob for the guys to perform to attempt to see an improvement in positioning. For these drills we tested our overhead position to begin with, noting our flexibility and tightness before hitting the mob and then retesting afterwards to see if we have achieved a more superior position. The main techniques we used to open up the shoulder were external rotation of the joint to keep our shoulder in a good and protected position and also joint distraction which is the method of using a band to change the positioning of the joint in the socket to allow us to mobilise it from different angles. Craig noticed a massive difference afterwards and Sal also had a much more flexible position.

We then moved on to the Press, starting with PVC technique practice and really focussing on the setup for the movement. In the Press, the setup is absolutely key and will completely dictate the path of the bar and the quality of the lift. We made sure elbows were in correct positions and we were bracing and not putting our lower backs at risk. We progressed on to bars and added some weight and this gave a chance to get in some extra Clean practice, with Craig taking good notice of the coaching cues and over time much improving his Squat Clean.

The WOD was a 15 min AMRAP of:
5 Pull ups
5 Ring Dips
10 Box Jumps

The low numbers allowed the guys to use low scaling options and really push themselves, ensuring the form was perfect on pull ups (full extension to chin over bar) and the ring dips (shoulder/bicep touching top of the ring back to full extension). Good work guys!

19:30 brought along the Beginners and a chance to work on the most confusing sounding name in Crossfit: The Sumo Deadlift High Pull or SDHP.

We started off covering the fundamental Air Squat and cycling through the drills we use to improve our form and flexibility in this movement. We then jumped in to the main movement and I broke down the name for everyone showing the different portions of the movement and showing how self explanatory it was! PVC skill work was utilised to break down the components through the Sumo Deadlift, then including the shrug and the violent hip extension, and finally after the shrug the arm bend that is caused by the energy created from exploding upwards.

After this it was time to briefly cover box jumps and tuck jumps, and allow athletes to attempt various sized boxes depending on their abilities and confidence.

The WOD was 15-12-9:
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Box Jump
Tuck Jump

A lot of sweat flying around on this humid day and lots of effort was put in. Apologies for the lack of pictures this week!

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