WOD August 7: Almost, but not quite.

07 Aug

To follow up on Colin’s post, we did not have the exacte same wod planned on consecutive days. We just both happened to plan workouts that involved kettlebells swings and burpees galore and felt that it would be better the spread the love.

And of course, my workout is much more fun. 🙂


Today’s fun filled Sunday morning started off with a dilemma:

What is a coach to do when his class shows up not quite having registered that it’s morning yet?

Buy everyone espresso?


OR? Use some interesting neurological warm ups.

So today involved some unilateral (one sided) and contralateral (cross sided) movements.

We crawled, we lunged, we lunged and then we pistoled. And we all generally flailed around ineffectually while trying to touch elbows to knees and toes.

Great fun.

We then moved on to the serious business of overhead squatting, staying clean and working our way up to some heavier 3×3’s.

Overhead squats done, it was a high pull and power clean refresher for the WOD.

Enter The WOD:

4x 1 min per station for max reps

Power cleans

Push ups (hand release)

Toes to bar

I will freely admit: I may have overestimated myself when I picked my power clean weight. I figured I had been on a string of good workouts lately and I could afford to go a bit heavier.

Not so much.

Luckily switching from power cleans to push ups meant that I had a bit of “rest” to prepare for the toes to bar. While it would have been possible to scale everything down for a higher work capacity, this workout lent itself well to high weight and low numbers. Either way the athletes decided to go, everyone got humbled and loved it.

See you all Tuesday

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