WOD August 9th: Neither Rain, Nor Riots..

09 Aug

We didn’t stop giving class when it was snowing and London stopped moving, and because our area wasn’t affected by looters, we kept our doors open for anyone who wanted to work off some stress.

Neither rain, nor shut down tube systems, nor riots. We keep calm, and carry on.

Today started off with push jerk practice. As usual, it was back to basics, working each individual step of the movement to make sure everyone was comfortable. After a quick 3 x 3 we got ready and prepped for the workout.



1 min on, 1 min off

30 Kettlebell swings per min of work.

Any missed reps equals a burpee to be completed directly after the last round of the workout.

Simple and elegant.

Can you maintain a very specific work output over time? It takes Stamina. When I did this, I managed two rounds and was destroyed on the last three. I expected people rack up a fair amount of burpee time post WOD. I was shocked when nearly everyone managed to finish the workout without having to do more then 15 odd burpees at the end.

Everyone apparently has a shockingly high capacity when compared to yours truly. I stand humbled.

Very well done to everyone and thank you for coming out.

More then anything, Stay Safe.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Easy Peasy” To Kate: Who finished the workout in beautiful style not having missed a single KB Swing.

“Most Wrecked”To Cameron. Poor Cameron gave it his all tonight and finished strong. Then Andrew and I spent the next 10 making sure he was ok.

“What do you mean,”Easy Peasy” To Rupert. When I mentioned how well everyone else had seemed to find the workout, Rupert gave me a look. Hilarity.

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