Women’s Virtuosity: Counting them all home

09 Aug

Tonight’s excitement included a good many things: Drills for the workout moves, plus snatch drills, dish-rocks, handstand push-up, double-unders (Hannah, you are the DU goddess du jour!) Followed by this:

Sumo deadlift high pulls
overhead squats

Some great form and fantastic effort shown by all.

Could it get more exciting than this? Sadly, yes. Outside the yoofs of Bethnal Green had left their brains at home and had gone on a rampage. It took me and Andrew a while to get back to Stratford (which was mercifully quiet), and I then emailed all the girls to check they were ok too. Most had some disruption to journey’s but all are safe and well. Counting them all out, and counting them all home.

Hannah, Ashleigh, Caroline and Veronika. You are women of steel on every level! Good job!

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