Women’s Virtuosity: Deadlift PB’s – full house!

01 Aug

Well I suppose we have to take into account that Hannah, Caroline and Ashleigh had never actually run up to a deadlift 1 rep max – so whatever they walked away with counts as a personal best! Hurrah. Respect to Cindy who, returning after a short break and a niggling shoulder, still maxed out at 80kg. Like I said, a PB full House!

The WOD was that classic favourite

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

tonight as a 15 minute AMRAP.

For me, lots of racing around shoving feet into bands, and the joy and satisfaction of seeing the girls grind through (some) full range, chest to floor push ups and (many many) delightful squats.

Great job ladies, see you next week xx

3 thoughts on “Women’s Virtuosity: Deadlift PB’s – full house!

  1. Oh, that sounds like fun! Not happy I missed that. My (not so fun) substitute was 50 burpees in a hotel room. Just saying, don’t get any ideas, Kate! Please..

  2. Oh BURPEES what a BRILLIANT idea, thanks Veronika 😉

    Well done on your 50 – you rock. Seeing as I have to do your WOD’s first, and I hate BP’s with a passion, don’t count on seeing them crop up often around these parts. Then again, we all have to challenge our weaknesses….hmmm….

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