Women’s Virtuosity: “Naughty Girls”

16 Aug

Not that the girls were naughty, but it must have looked like punishment. They walking-lunged around and around the back room, holding 5kg plates over their heads, while I lectured them on Greg Glassman’s entreaty to master good form first, then do it with consistency, and only then under intensity. This is the modus operandii behind the women’s and all the other foundations classes at Crossfit London.

After much drilling, it was on to clean and push-jerk, running up to a max via 5,3,2,2,1,1,1. Some nice results.

And so to the WOD, which explains the title of this post somewhat. It’s an adaptation of one called “Nasty Girls”, which involves muscle-ups, cleans and heaps of squatting. For our scaled version, we just used the one muscle-up component

“Naughty Girls”
AMRAP 15 mins

5 dips
10 power cleans
25 squats

After this exhausting fiesta, Caroline noted that the cleans became (sort of) easier to do as time went on. It can be argued that a tired body will switch off the brain that frets about “long arms, shrugs, kittens, high elbows” and start moving itself efficiently to perform the job. Hence, in this case, better cleans. Well done Caroline! And well done Veronika, who surprised herself how well and strongly she got both the push jerks and cleans.

Nice job!

Ladies out there, do book in and add yourself to the waiting list for this class, as places do seem to come free a few hours before.

See you next week xx

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